The sensation of Truth


Can you sense and recognize the sensation of truth? Truth is a sensation same as for fear, joy and love. I can experience truth as a physical sensation. I don’t have to think about if something is true or not. I can perceive the truth through my senses and so can you.

In my previous blog I wrote about the power of subtlety and the sensation of pleasure. How becoming aware of subtlety brought me more pleasure, insight and guidance in my life. Becoming aware of subtlety also gives me the opportunity to “look under water”. To see below the surface, to look beyond the veil of illusion and sense Truth. It is as if I am connecting my whole being and awareness to a field of truth when I am connected and aware of the subtle messages I receive through my senses. Consciously being connected to my senses heightens my six sense: my intuition, seeing truth without looking. I can ask: Am I telling the truth? Am I writing the truth? Is someone else speaking the truth? Is this the truth? and receive the answers through my sensations.

What is truth? I can share what truth is to me. In my opinion there are two forms of truth.

1| Truth from the mind: I know that’s something is true. The truth from the mind is about facts about what I have learned and experienced in school and life. For example: I learned that the world is round and not flat. I experienced that fire is hot and not cold. It’s about what I belief.

2| Truth from the heart: is truth coming, as I like to describe, from the center of all centers. Coming from the core, the essence of all things and beings. For me this is The Truth with capital T. I perceive this truth through sensation and resonance. I sense this form of truth. Truth in this sense is related to the alignment of me with my higher self, the universe, god, love or what ever name you please. This truth goes beyond the veils of illusion. Beyond my stories, beyond my perception of things, beyond… the illusion I am living in. This truth Knows even when it doesn’t make sense to my mind. 1 and 2 point out the essential difference between something being true for me and the Truth. In this blog I would like to dive deeper in the second form of truth, the Truth, coming from the heart.

So, how do I perceive this sensation of Truth? How does it feel like? Well…here are some examples of the qualities of the sensations I experience:

Qualities of truth: first and foremost it feels like CLEAN, clear, pure, light, open, love, expansive, centered, neutral, as a flow through my body, companied with deep relaxed breathing, and my energy level sustains or increases.

Qualities of untruth: first and foremost it feels POLLUTED, harsh, thick, heavy, itchy, as tension in my stomach, my muscles contract, I am slightly breathing, my emotional energy intensifies, my energy level is decreasing.

My awareness of these sensations depends on my willingness to receive and be with the truth and with what Is in the moment. Ask yourself a question with the intent to receive truth and take a moment to sense. What do you sense? What qualities of sensation do you perceive? A great question to play with is, did I tell the truth (about myself, about the other, about anything)? Even if you ‘know’ you did, ask it and see what sensations you receive and what they are telling you. Another question to play with is, do I really want this or that? By asking yourself questions you train your body, mind, emotions and spirit to receive the subtle messages of your sensations and to let them speak to you. After a while you don’t have to ask these questions any more. You will “know” right away through the voice of your body and the shifts you experience in energy, because your awareness has expanded as you are now more present in your body and in the moment.

Acting on truth is not always fun:-) Most of the time it invites me to move out of my comfort zone and also to let go of ideas, wishes and desire I have. Often time the sensations doesn’t make ‘sense’ to my mind. It asks a lot of courage, trust and self-love to act on it not even knowing yet where it will lead me. The biggest fears that holding me back on acting fully and freely on truth are ‘what other people might think’ and ‘not having enough’. What are yours, which fears are holding you back to act on truth, your truth? An example I would like to share is me taking off to the USA in august 2013 for 4 weeks of holiday. In the second week my sensations, as a inner voice, where telling me that I was not leaving on the planned departure date. I was staying longer. My mind was going crazy. What? No way!!!! You have a job, you have a apartement….you finally had build some stability in The Netherlands….You Are Going Home! Pffff…I can say this was challenging. The mind immediately wanted to figure things out knowing me and what I would chose before I did, hahaha. The mind’s voice is much louder then the subtle voice of my body. But the subtle voice of my body is so much more powerful because it’s resonating Truth. Well…you probably already know what happened. I stayed for 3 months, gave up my job and the opportunity presented to me to rent out my apartment, and I am so glad that I did! I often time experienced that my mind wanted something and a subtle sensation was telling me no. My mind wanted it badly and tries to convince me with compelling statements, promises and beliefs to make up my mind and choose what it wants/needs. Sometimes a part of me hopes the mind wins and can overrule the truth…but well I know better now. I can tell you my mind has many reasons to justify why it beliefs and what it wants. I know now that the subtle sensation is my Truth. It’s telling me that what my mind wants or my ego in that moment, is not for my highest good. There is nothing wrong with choosing ether way. Just give it a try and listen to and act on the subtle whisper of truth and see what or where that brings you:-)

Tips for living Truth in the different realms


  • move and dance in truth, listening to your body’s way.
  • Nourish your body with food and drinks that is in truth with the needs of your body.
  • Act on the voice of your body.
  • Cleanse your body temple once a while from the inside as well as the outside.


  • Speak, tell and write the truth to yourself and to others.
  • Let go of the stories created in your head.
  • Be aware of your thoughts and clean each one of them up. Are they really true?


  • Acknowledge the emotions you are feeling as a energy (not as a story).
  • Be true to what you are feeling, allow all emotions the run through you.


  • Express you. Be you, authentic and unique.
  • Walk Your path.
  • Make choices out of love not out of fear.
  • Love yourself

Conclusion: Lose your mind and come to your senses! 🙂

With love and in truth,



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