Birth into Being


Stillness is everywhere not only here, within, but also over there.

No-Thingness is pulsing, softly touching and caressing my skin.

It’s presence is gentile and lovingly inviting me in.

My back starts to relax while my mind says: “what to begin?”

‘Sssshhhh’, whispers my heart. Please let us enjoy.

Curl up under the blanket of timelessness and be held in it’s grace.

This quietness is rare. Let’s embrace this visitor, he is sacred and he is here.


Soulstirring Spaciousness

Simultaneously arriving

Opening the doors from within, one by one

Undressing me till I am naked

Every breath is revealing me, revealing me more and more

It’s like looking in the eyes of a lover

Being birthed into being, like never before.


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