Non-Attachment ~ manifesting truth in Magical ways


For the last two months this is what I am consciously practicing: being non-attached. Being non-attached about attending this great dance therapy training in Germany, which I longed to participate in for a long while and was fully booked. Being non-attached if I would get this new job. Totally being open. Sending out my desires into the universe and then letting it go. Being ok and happy with whatever the outcome is. It has been freeing and bringing me peace. Embodying trust is how I love to call it. I can still remember when I first heard about non-attachment. It was in 2010, in an conversation with Michael Hamilton from Angel Valley, Spiritual Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona. He invited me to go to the place of non-attachment and experience the power that lies within it. A foreign land for me at that time, being the control freak I was. 🙂 Now I have many experiences that have revealed the power of being non-attached. For me it is a practice in co-creating. Co-creating with my higher self, the universe, with something that’s greater then me and being open, receptive and committed to the present. What happens when I am non-attached: manifestation in magical ways.

Attachment for me means: clinging onto something, wanting to ‘make it happen’, being in control, having a picture of how it has to be, look like and be presented to me. It’s like sitting on the drivers seat behind the steering-wheel navigating the car in the so thought “right” direction, towards your desired destination totally occupied with the road. While non-attachment is like sitting in the passengers seat where I have my intent and at the same time can be receptive and open for the things that happen along the way. Enjoy the view and trust I am taken in the right direction, even if along the way I visit new places that I had not envisioned. Two weeks ago I was sitting in the train with my mom and she said: “wouldn’t it be great to have a car right now and drive to our destination with some good music”. I said: “that would be great” and I noticed that I imagined the car and surprisingly I was not sitting in front of the steering wheel, where I “normally” would be sitting without a doubt. I saw myself with my feet up on the dashboard enjoying the ride and the music. This was, a so-called aha-moment. This insightful metaphor was telling me that something has changed within me. I have embodied a more receptive side of me, which I am enjoying very much.

I can check with myself if I am attached to the outcome of something. I can imagine not getting what I want or desire and pay attention to my emotions and feelings. When I feel for example less happy, fearful, disappointed, angry or frustrated I know I am attached to the outcome and not in a place of trust. Non-attachment for me is totally being with what is. Knowing what will be manifested is supposed to happen.

Non-attachment doesn’t mean I don’t care or that I don’t have any longing, wishes or desires. Non-attachment for me means trust that the manifestation of these desires and wishes will happen if they are in divine order, for my highest good and that of others. It doesn’t mean that I am inactive or powerless. It means I am active and responsible for my path in life with the guiding force of trust, love, openness, peace, flow and natural time. I know what my “task” is and what the task of the universe is. I send out my desires as clear and pure as I can in the moment, I choose love over fear as best as I can and then the most important step is…to let go and trust. Being open and receptive. Live life and be in love with the moment, even when there is pain or grief. All is well, even feeling pain, fear etc! You can apply this “practice” to everything. For example the new house you desire, a new job, a new love…you name it.


1)     What would you like to experience in your life? What would you like to have, be, do?

2)     Make a choice. There is no wrong or right. Just make a choice and you can say out load or inside of you ‘I choose …’ Writing down your choice and saying it up loud has a greater power to it.

3)     Is there any step that needs to be taken (in this moment) in that direction? Take one step at a time. Do you need to call somebody, sign-up for a job, do a bid on a house, book your trip, take time off, what can you do in this moment that feels good and exciting to support and empower your choice. This is the way you let the universe see you are serious…that you mean it. Make that step. This shows commitment: that’s something different then attachment by the way. Commitment means showing-up. Doing your part of the process.

4)     Now let it go…go within and see if you can come to this place where you can be non-attached to any outcome. If you get or not get it. Letting go can be felt as: opening both of your hands with palms up, take a deep breath and let them relax on your lap. “all is well now and so it is”.

5)     TRUST. Be with it in trusting ways. Know that your wish is being taken care off. By trusting you strengthen your ‘trust muscle’.

Also trust your inner voice, your intuition. It will tell you what to do next, in perfect timing. If there is another step for you to take you will feel it, you will know. It can be presented in many ways, a gut feeling, a feeling of excitement, a great idea that pups up in your head, an insightful dream, a person you meet with great advice etc. So the last step but not the least:

6) Be open, Be here in the present and See what’s now. There is only now!

By letting go you can observe what’s growing and what is meant to die. Stay on your path and walk it with excitement. Knowing all is perfect. I am not saying that’s always easy. I found out that when it comes to desires and wishes that touches the core of your being this is a challenge, but worth taking:-)!

To embody non-attachment I use:


This is what I use ‘dancing through life’. Repeating an affirmation or manta in my head whenever I feel the attachment or the desire to control the situation.

Affirmations I am using are:

–        I trust the process.

–        All that is meant for me will be manifested. All that’s in my highest good and that of others will be done.

You can create and use any affirmation that resonates with you.

A “technique”

The Sedone Methode has helped me in beautiful ways in becoming ‘neutral’ and open. The technique teaches to first go to one ‘side’: experience all feelings, pictures, smells etc. imagining that you will receive what you desire. Feel them, invite them all in and then on a breath out release them. Let them go. Free them. You can repeat as many times as desired till you feel a kind of open, neutral sensation. Then go to the ‘other side’. Experience what you will feel if it what you desire will not be manifested. What if it would turn out totally different? Invite the feelings in, embrace them and let them go on a breath out. Also here repeat as long as you desire till you feel this openness, this sense of non-attachment. Eventually after a few repetitions you will feel “neutral”, in the center and open.

By practicing non-attachment I feel that I am manifesting in magical ways and with ease. I am manifesting in a balanced way where there is a part of doing and then the biggest part of the process is non-doing: being with, trusting and staying open for what comes, grows, shows-up. And when it shows up, I still have a choice: do I invite it in or say goodbye. For me coming from a place of being in control and ‘making it happen’, I just love this feeling of co-creating and most of all the power of receiving.

I named this blog, manifesting in magical ways, because often times the things my mind sees as impossible become possible. Even better, they where manifested and even better then that…they where manifested with ease and grace! Why?, because what’s manifested is manifested out of the place of love and truth and is for the highest good off all concerned. I belief the universe supports that which is for our highest good and comes from a place of truth.

I got the job and yes I have attended this amazing workshop in Germany that was fully booked, and so much more has been manifested and yes with ease!

Another beautiful example from a friend:

He desired a specific internship. He found a perfect company for the internship. His heart was saying yes…yes…yes! when he found this company. They had this perfect vision and mission that matched his passion as well as his competence. He signed in for a meeting. In this meeting he heard he was a perfect match but all internship positions where already full. He got back home, feeling disappointed and eventually choose to trust. He said: “well universe I choose to do my internship at this company or somewhere that’s even better” and he let it go. A week later he received a phone call. They created a space for him! He wanted it so badly, but let it go, came to a point of non-attachment and suddenly he received a phone call that a spot opened up. Voila! Something the mind couldn’t figure out.

Your job is to send out the “what”. The universe will take care of the “how”. You don’t have to figure that out! How nice is that, right? Non-attachment opens the field of all possibilities when we let go of control, attachment and travel into trust.

Do you belief in magic? I do!


With love,





2 thoughts on “Non-Attachment ~ manifesting truth in Magical ways

  1. Hi Esther,
    Thank you for sending me your manifesting blog: what was freely received is freely given. How nice of you to share.

    Your Process is an excellent one. I would add a No. 7: “Receive what you have asked for.” That process can be a several page Esther blog in itself. You can address issues such as:

    * Removing the blocks to “receiving,” such as feelings of unworthiness, “I am not good enough,” or guilt etc.

    * Becoming “willing” to receive.

    * Receiving what I asked for even if it comes in a form that is “unacceptable,” like pain or suffering.

    * Letting go of my timetable and trusting Divine timing.

    * Recognizing my own “Limits” I put on my receiving.

    The invitation is to look at what it is like for you to receive.

    Great love,
    Karen Taff

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