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I know moments in my life that life feels a little like ‘same-same’. As if I am living on an automatic pilot. Waking up, having my routine, do my tasks, my job, etc. In these periodes I often time experience stress and time pressure in my life and then I feel like I am lived by life instead of me living my life. In those periodes I often choose to stay in a structured, known place out of fear.

This last month, September – the month of change – (I have read somewhere), I noticed a longing inside of me. A longing to get ‘out’, break free, breaking my habbits. Do things differently and experience myself and my life differently. I noticed a longing for an injection of excitement, new impulses, life-force energy, newness. Like changing my diet and trying out new recipes. New flavors, new colors, new textures, new ingredients, new sensations. I came to realize that the way I was living my life was no longer feeding my soul. I needed a change. For me change was a word that indicated new big steps, new big choices and changes. Like changing jobs, moving to other places, travel to new countries, big new impulses. As you can read ‘big’ is a important word in this 🙂 I have learned that ‘big’ is not important in creating transformational changes. It’s about making small changes each day, consciously chosing change and new experiences. I can make small changes guided with love in this moment, where I am right now and with what I am doing now. So I chose to take September as the month of ‘doing something new’ each day. So, while writing my blog, what can I change to experience something new?

Well before I can answer this question I ofcourse have to know what my habbits are in order to change it. Well let me feel…my habbit is to write at my desk. So while writing now I will stand up and choose another place in my home to pick up writing agian:-)

Here I am sitting on the floor with my laptop on my couch…mmm…this is new. New view, new bodyposition and posture. Other changes I made in the last month where:

deleting facebook from my phone, wear a new colour, eating at the beach before class instead of at home, driving in a backwards seat in the metro instead of a foreward one, eating my lunch outside of the office. Yes, these changes brought me a sense of aliveness , inspiration, happyness and gratitude. There where also days this month I didn’t do something new and chose to stay in my comfortzone. Excuses as ‘I am tired or under pressure’ where my motivation. Ofcourse all of my excuses are my own creation and choise. Being aware of that, I found the belief that it takes a lot of effort to create a change. I had to remind myself that a tiny small change is a change as well. So, moving the plant in my livingroom, saving the dishes for tomorrow, putting red lipstick on. These are new things as well. New input, a new message for my nervous system. While making the changes I noticed two sensations present at the same time. One was fear and the other excitement. I noticed the tendency not to proceed when I felt fear or discomfort. A desire for going back to old habbits showed up. When I was contemplating to stick with the old I felt a physical sensation around my heart and emotionally a desire that supported me to choose love and the unknown. Yes, it’s a journey into befriending the unknown and discomfort. Discomfort is a ‘good’ place to be in. This became even more clear during my Nia Black Belt Training and how discomfort stimulates endless creativity. So when you make a small change do your best to make a change that feels (a little) discomfort. Then you know it’s realy new:-) That is where the magic begins and I can tell you, when you make the change it will reward you. It feels soooo good! I decide to stick with this challange. I will take this with me into the month of October: do something new every day. Are you joining me? If so, please share on this blog-page. I would love to hear your exeriences!

How to create changes:

  1. Find out what you habbits are;
  2. Set ‘change’ as the focus for the day;
  3. Create a reminder for yourself (phone-alarm, write it down in your agenda, place a note somewhere you will see it)
  4. Be aware, live your day as consciously as possible. Each moment is a moment you can choose to make a change, to experience something new and know that when you do, you create a new reality, a new experience.

Here are some ideas of making changes and making life routines special, new and fresh:

  • move furniture
  • make a new recepe or place a new ingredient on your plate
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • call instead of messaging
  • lay on the different side of your bed
  • say yes instead of no
  • put out the television
  • take a new route to work
  • dance instead of walk

Be the change you want to see in the world!

With love,



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